2000 meeting distant cousins

March 2000, Studer siblings (Leslie and Gina) followed in their uncle and aunts footsteps and traveled to the area of Doller valley, Alsace, France. The decision to travel was inspired by Robert Behra who invited several people to meet in Guebwiller, France to share genealogical information. One such person was Paul Naegel, who corresponded with many of the guests and learned of the StuderHistory website. On 25 Jan 2000 Paul emailed a message to Gina, the administrator of the website. She ultimately shared the details of the conversations with her brother Leslie. Paul invited both Americans to attend the Guebwiller meeting scheduled for 9 and 10 March 2000. After many email conversations and sharing of details, Gina and Leslie decided to say yes and planned for the trip. The following pages are highlights.