1980's more trips to France

American Studers revisit France in 1982, 1984 and 1986

1982/84 Trips: Joe M., Dan and Dick 
After the trip, word spread among the children of Joe A. Studer (and through them to Studers in Minnesota, Iowa, etc.), of the wonderful discovery of living blood relatives in Europe, Other members of the family became interested in visiting these far off places. The American Studers wanted to meet the people whose blood-ties the years could not forget. Plans were made, savings started accumulating and within several years another trek was underway. This time brothers Joseph M. and Daniel joined Dick in crossing the Atlantic, returning once again to the lovely Alsatian countryside.

On this trip they had planned to visit Studers in other areas of France as well as the Alsace area. Along with meeting their long lost relatives in Masevaux and the Doller valley, Joe M. and Dan were able to accompany Dick to Normandy where they called on the family of Roger Studer in the village of Domfront. With Roger were his father, Emile-age 92 and Uncle Robert-age 87. These men proved to be a wellspring of knowledge, regaling the Americans with tales of their ancestry and their own fascinating pasts. 

Emiles' great-grandfather, born in Oberbruck and a direct relative of Sebastian, had left home in the middle 1800's for Normandy, where he worked as a steel worker. Emile Studer resisted the occupying Nazi forces in the late 1930's and early 1940's. 

Eventually he was apprehended and held at the infamous Buchenvald concentration camp for over two and one-half years before his liberation by Allied forces. His brother Robert, was forced into labor in Berlin for the German Bundestadt as a streetcar operator. Roger was made to hide out on a remote farm to avoid conscription into the National Socialist army.

Emile's great-grandfather (also named Emile Studer) was born in Oberbruck, Alsace France in 1808 to Sebastian and Anna Marie Ringenbach. This Emile was a half-brother of Aime (Amandus) Studer. He married Magdalene Bindler in 1835 and worked in the steel foundry in Oberbruck. He later moved to Normandy, also working in the steel industry.

Emile Studer's lineage. His great-grandfather Emile, was a half-brother of Aime (Amandus) Studer. His great-grandfather was a first cousin to Joseph Studer. His father Emile was a second cousin to Joseph A. Studer. Making Emile (picture shown above) a third cousin to Richard, Joe M., Dan Studer and siblings.

The group hated to leave Normandy. It was a town that held both cherished and poignant memories. For Dan, Normandy was the area where he had participated in the great operation "Overlord" during the Nazi conflict. But Joe M., Dick and Dan were also eager to make the journey to Cavaillon, a very old, picturesque community near the fabled Riviera, in southern France. There they were to meet with Maurice Studer and his cousin Louis who operate a photographic studio. Both Maurice and Louis were born in Dolleren, Alsace, and are related to their American guests. Once again the close of a trip was both a welcome and saddening experience. Joe M., Dan and Dick Studer were nearly spent as they returned to their homes back in the U.S.A. 

The 1986 Trip: Joe M., Dan and David 
One would think that the emotional intensity of 4 trips to Europe within a span of 8 years would have slowed Dick Studer's pace considerably. But No! In 1986 the dedicated Dick along with Joe M. and Dan ventured forth to Europe once again. This time accompanied by David Studer. David is the son of Joseph M. Studer. 

By this time the American and French Studers had become old friends and enjoyed four full weeks of tale telling, wine drinking, and laughing. They were once again, revitalizing a centuries old bond of blood relation. A unique bond between all those the world over who proudly bear the name Studer. 

This was the last of the European journeys that the Dick, Evie, Dan, Gen, Joe M., Larry or David would take. Contact was maintained through letter writing and phone calls. In fact, several European cousins have taken interest in visiting the United States and their American cousins in Minnesota.