March 14: Oberbruck

Photo taken early 1900s?

Photo taken March 2000

Street sign on side of building

Cobbler Shop!   Old photo's fascinate me and the old photo shown above left, was no exception. Richard Studer (and other's) believed the photo depicted the cobbler shop/home where my 3rd great-grandfather, Sebastian Studer was born and lived. This had always intrigued me and now that Les and I were in the region it was agreed we would seek the address of the cobbler shop and do a photo verification. Well we did and now you can judge for yourself. As far as I'm concerned, we've located the correct road and building.

Boyhood Home!   12 Place de La Mairie (boyhood home of Sebastian Studer) is situated on the left side of the Oberbruck church, along what looks to be a small alley way. This alley way is considered a street. This small street leads to a open, common-area behind the church which includes the Mayors office and an elementary school.

The Oberbruck church

Place de la Mairie, from the back

The common area

In the tiny village of Oberbruck.

The Chorus Sang!   Leslie attended a Sunday morning service at the Catholic church in Oberbruck. (shown above) He said the pews where filled. He enjoyed the chorus, he said they "sang like professionals" He noted that young adults lead the mass. 

Passion Play!   Early evening we stopped at the Braye family home back in Masevaux (only minutes from Oberbruck). Francois suggested we catch the last half hour of the 'Jeu de la Passion'. I'm glad that we did. The Passion Play is a magnificent theatrical production, spoken in German, produced and played by the citizens of Masevaux. The sets, backdrops, lighting and costumes were excellent. The play lasts FIVE hours!! It is done five Sundays in a row, leading up to Easter Day.

In Closing...   Les and I were pleased that we had traveled to Alsace and visited the land of our Alsacian ancestors. It was well worth the long flight there and back again. A word of caution for those who consider visiting a foreign land. Learn some of the language, or take an interpreter!

Les and I stayed in France until the afternoon of March 15. As the sun started to set we rushed to find a room in Zurich, which turned into an exhausting adventure. March 16 we flew back to California, USA.