The Doller valley


La Vallée de la Doller

The Doller valley is the southern-most valley in the Vosges mountain range.

The towns of Doller valley are small and charming. Masevaux, Sickert, Niederbruck, Kirchberg, Wegscheid, Oberbruck, Rimbach, Dolleren, and Sewen are closely spaced, often only a few blocks apart. The towns of Doller valley seem to rely on leisure and sports activities as a means for sustaining their local economies. The flower-bedecked villages are delights for the eyes. Past traditions are still upheld and festivals are celebrated in the true spirit of rejoicing. All types of accommodations are available.

The wine growing villages of Alsace stretch from southern Thann to Northern Marlenheim. The Alsace Wine Route is a lush and beautiful site to behold. Like a picture postcard; an army of grape vines advance towards the forests of the Vosges Mountains.

Alsace is a region located in France. It has two départements. Bas-Rhin in the north; also referred to as 67 and Haut-Rhin in the south, also referred to as 68. Alsace is the smallest of the French “regions”. Situated between the Rhine river and the Vosges mountains, it shares it's borders with Germany and Switzerland.

The region offers a variety of landscapes including plains, water meadows, forests, vineyards, valleys and mountains. Major towns: Strasbourg, (the European and regional capital) Colmar, the wine capital of Alsace; Mulhouse, 2nd most visited city in France for it museums.

Alsace is also known for it’s wonderfully charming and delicious “Route Des Vins D’Alsace”, the vineyard and wine route of Alsace.