Studer crest



The coat-of-arms (crest) shown to the left, is hand drawn copy of crest number one shown below.

The crest to the left was drawn in 1993 by Gina Studer at the request of her uncles, it has been used by the USA descendants of Sebastian Studer. (b.1776 - d.1841, Oberbruck, Alsace, France. Haut-Rhin). 

A few examples of Swiss Studer crests are shown below


1. Stiftungsurkende der -Studer-Stiftung- vom 27. Okt. 1919 Wappen der Familie Studer heraldisch bereinigt


2. Familienwappen Studer in der Kapelle St. Anna auf dem Schwendelberg in Escholzmatt 1661 






3. Archives in Escholzmatt, Switzerland, page 50. The representational symbols located on crest 222 indicate, a flowering 'stude' (growing from the tip) which is German for 'bush or brush', followed by a hand plow (underneath the bush) meaning peasantry, working the land or farming.

Before the 1200's european peasantry often used the flowering bush and hand plow symbols to represent their occupation, location or perhaps who they were. As populations increased, so did the need for second names (surnames). Surnames were a means for identifying specific individuals.

Sources for surnames were, occupation, location as well as personal characteristics. Many peoples and families chose the same surnames. According to a prominent Genealogist from Basel, Switzerland, there were nearly as many peasant families that took on the name of Studer as there were little flowering shrubs, (in Switzerland). 

Over time, several spellings of the surname Studer have developed. The most prominent variations are: Studer, Stutter, Studr, Stude, Staude, and Studers. 

Although many families chose, or were given the same surname, it's unlikely that all these ancient Studer’s were related by bloodline. To determine whether any two Studer's are related by blood, one must follow each of their family genealogical lines back to the EXACT country, region and village of origin. 

The descendants of Joseph Studer and Catherine Hoffer (Joseph son of Aime, Aime son of Sebastian) have traced their lineage back to the Doller valley, in the Alsace region of France. However, they have not been able to verify the location of their ancestors prior to the late 1500's and are attempting to make the link back to Switzerland.

(shown to the left) A resource for viewing several styles of heraldry is the book, "Illustrations to the Armorial Général". The complete title, as shown on the cover of the book: V. & H. V. Rolland's, Illustrations To The Armorial Général, by J.-B. Rietstap, V. Heraldic Book Company, Baltimore, Maryland, 1967.