March 11: Masevaux

City archives are kept in this building

Robert Behra and the Kachler's

Les and myself with René Studer

Old Documents!   Formerly the city bath house, it now contains a collection of very old documents which pretain to Masevaux’s city history.  It is here that Les and I were allowed to view old city records, town meetings, bills of sale, and other such documents of record.  Such collections are a gold mine to a true genealogists as they often list the names of entire families and how, why they are related. Robert Behra struck us as a true genealogist. His passion for finding nuggets of history that relate to ancestry, was boundless. Robert says "I'll be doing this till the day I die". 

Thank You!   We were grateful that Robert, and many others, such as Madame Kachler, have the passion for researching ancestry. It's amazing the amount of time and energy that are invested in building a family history and story. And the story can not properly be told until the research is verified. To all who do good research... We Thank You!

Looking for a connection

Felices' pride and joy

Tarte Flambée (like pizza)

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We visited several households.  Are we related?!   Each household we visited, we attempted to determine the genealogy of the parents. This was challenging because of the language barrier. But, in each instance, we were rewarded with a chart, list of names and photographs. The people in this region are intimate with the names of their ancestors.

Hello René!   René Studer, a friendly connection from the Doller. As the story goes, back in 1977, Richard Studer randomly chose 5-6 (French) Studer names from a page out of a French phonebook. Richard mailed letters (written in English) to each of these people. ONLY René replied.  Les and I met with René, his wife Marie Rose, as well as their daughter Veronique and Veronique’s daughter and son. I was able to copy a list of René’s ancestors and find each of these persons in my genealogical database. René is a 7th cousin 1 time removed, of uncle Dick and his siblings. Ancestors they both have in common are: Nicolaus Studer 1650 -1690; & Anna Zimmerman 1656 -1722.