March 10: meeting of cousins

The C.D.H.F. building

Comparing genealogical databases

The cousins gather for a photo

The Meeting Of Cousins!   Join us for the "meeting of cousins" March 10 in Guebwiller, France. "Descendants of Jodocus BEHRA, born abt. 1572, and died December 5, 1638 in RIMBACH." That's how part of the email invitation read. And after a bit of conversation back and forth, it was agreed that Les and I would travel to France and YES join the "Meeting of Cousins". (a gathering of people with a common ancestor, who are also interested in genelogical data)   There were 20 people that came to the meeting. Such surnames as: Ludwig, Naegel, Behra, Studer, Dierstein, Lauter, Reitzer, Cailac, Meyer, Thomas, to name a few. Shown above the Centre Departemental d'Histoires des Families building, (the CDHF). This was the meeting place for the cousins/researchers.  address: CDHF  5 Place Saint-Léger, 68500 Guebwiller. tél: -- website,

Some of l'abbé Behra's family notes

The main floor of the CDHF

Fresh trout lunch

Two volumes of Monsieur l'abbé Francois Antoine Behra's family notes.

Who is l'abbé Behra!   An ordained Catholic priest who, in his spare time (late 1800's thru early 1920's), recorded and transcribed the names of families of the villages of Sewen parish. (Oberbruck, Dolleren, Sewen, Masevaux, Kirchberg, etc.) He did this by working from original church documents and personal interviews. He compiled several notebooks of family groups dating from the late 1600's through the very early 1900's. The reason he is mentioned on this page is that, his notes contain a huge section of Gina and Leslie's Studer ancestors. 

About the Centre!   The Centre is a repository for copies and micro-film of ancient documents housed in the Haut-Rhin region. Founded by the General Coucil of the Haut-Rhin, the genealogical Centre is dedicated to the amateur genealogist. Everyone who has ancestors in the region of Haut-Rhin or who is interested in the local history should consult this library. In order to view the micro-films of civil registers (dating before 1892) as well as parish registers (dating before the French Revolution) it is necessary to reserve a micro-film reading machine via an appointment. 

What about lunch!   The cousins had lunch and dinner at one of the local Winstub's, Taverne Vignero, located next door to the CDHF. It provided a typical regional atmosphere and good food such as the "Trout au bleu" (a whole, boiled trout. prepared moments after it's death. yes it's gutted) shown above. Strange but true, that trout was the best fish meal I've every had.