March 08: Dambach

Dambachs ancient ramparts

The winding roads of Dambach

An old fountain in the village

Delightful Dambach-La-Ville!   Dambach is a small medieval village with portions of it's ancient ramparts and three gateways still intact. Dambach has been awarded many distinctions for its preservation of the half-timbrered houses, the narrow picturesque streets and gables. It has a useful tourism centre at the heart of the village. Look for the Saint Sébastian chapel (Roman and Gothic architecture) with it's finely carved, 17th century wood baroque alter.

Charles Frey Winery

Try'n a little wine

Grape vines about to bud

This little village is filled with winery's

Throw a stone. Hit a winery!   The charming little town of Dambach-la-Ville is located in the heart of Alsace, on the Wine Road between Strasbourg and Colmar. Dambach is known to be the biggest wine making village in Alsace with 35 winemakers to choose from!  Les and I stopped at one 'Charles Frey' and sampled a few wines. The women who helped us did not speak English and we didn't speak German or French. It didn't matter, the wines were good. Les bought a few bottles. He says the grapes from this region have a destinctive, delightful taste. One he had not sampled before.

Bears & Honey?   At its origins Dambach belonged to the lords of Bernstein, a branch of the family of Eguisheim-Dabo, parents of Saint Odile and the Alsatian Pope Léon IX. The names Bernstein (Barenstein) and Dambach (Tannenbach) explain the coat of arms of this small city: a bear fond of honey who puts his two paws on a fir tree.