1848-1866 Amandus & Francisca's children

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The ten children of Amandus & Francisca Studer

Names of individuals pictured above:  back row, left to right: Ignatius (Nate), Nicolaus D., Amanuds A., Gregory G., Marcus F. (Frank Mark);  front row seated, left to right: Augustine (August), Theresa, Maria Agatha (Mary), Margaret, and Joseph. Person's pictured and their associated names, were derived from comparisons to other photo's where the names were noted and written. (additional photo's available upon request).

Their names in order of birth

01.  Augustine, (August) b.15 Nov 1848, d.Abt.25 June 1933. Married Mary Margaret Paul 26 Dec 1869. August was, at some point in time a merchant, operating a store/post office in the town of Sexton, Iowa. He also owned and farmed a large piece of land just south of Wesley. This farm has apparently been owned by the Studer family for well over 100 years. The current owner is Merlin Studer, August's great grandson. At the time of Iowa's 1895 census, August and family are listed as residing in Hardin county. August married Mary Margaret Paul and they had ten children. At the time of Iowa's 1895 census, August and family are listed as residing in Hardin county. August died June 25, 1933.  August and Mary's family group chart.

02.  Joseph, (Joe) b.7 July 1850, d.26 Aug 1931. Married Catherine Hoffer 2 Jan 1872. Joseph was the second oldest child of Amandus and Francisca Bollinger's eleven children. January 2, 1872, Joseph married Catherine Hoffer. Nine of their eleven children would reach adulthood. Joseph Studer, as well as farming, also was a land agent dealing in farm properties in several states. Some of his deals were made in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area. St. Cloud was a picturesque community on the Mississippi River about seventy miles northwest of Minneapolis. This area was very appealing to the land broker and ultimately, in 1900, Joseph and Catherine moved to the St. Cloud, Minnesota area. Joseph and Catherine's family group chart.

03.  Ignatius, (Nathan) b.17 Dec 1851, d.28 Jan 1940. Married Ottilia Schulte 19 July 1871. Nate at one time owned over 1500(?) acres of land in Kossuth and Hancock counties of Iowa. He was one of the organizers of the Bank of Wesley and was bank president for many years. He married Ottilia Schulte (also originally from St. Agatha, Ontario), and they parented sixteen children, of these, eight survived into adulthood. Two of his daughters entered the Order of the Sisters of St. Francis, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ignatius and Ottilia's family group chart.

04.  Theresa, (Tracey) b.23 July 1853, d.4 May 1931. Married George Spangler (Spengler?) 24 Feb 1873 at Freeport, Illinois. Theresa and George lived at 802 Galena Avenue until Theresas' death on May 4, 1931. Theresa and George had eight children. Theresa and George's family group chart.

05.  Maria Agatha, (Mary) b.11 Feb 1855, d.1926. Mary married Peter Lester Paul who was a native of Hohenzollern, Germany. Together they operated a farm in Lena, Illinois. They had eight children. Mary died in 1926 and Peter died in 1909. Maria Agatha and Peter Paul's family group chart.

06.  Nicholas D., (Nick) b.14 Nov 1856, d.29 Oct 1894. Married Sarah Richtsmeier on April 6, 1880. Together they had eight children. Unfortunately Nicholas died of a ruptured appendix at a young age. He passed away October 29, 1894, leaving Sarah to raise five children on her own. Six years later Sara also died leaving Amandus, Jacob, Peter, Mary and Veronica orphaned. Nicholas also farmed the Wesley area. It is said that the grandparents and Uncle Nate helped raise these children. Nicholas and Sarah's family group chart.

07.  Amandus A. Jr., b.15 Oct 1858, d.23 Oct 1925. Married Rose Barbara Lickteig abt.1885 and they had twelve children. Amandus A. was a farmer in the Wesley, Iowa vicinity for his entire life. Rose died in 1910 and Amandus Jr. died in 1925. Amandus and Rose's son Dennis died seven weeks after his enlisting in the Navy. He had been sent to the Great Lakes region to become a 3rd class fireman. He died from influenzal pneumonia. Another son, Max was a corporal in the marines. Their son John was also called to the colors in the second draft. He was the oldest son and for some years before the war was carpentering in South Dakota. Amandus and Rose's family group chart.

08.  Gregory George, (Greg) b.10 Dec 1860, d.1947. Married Mary Ann Ludwig 1885. They raised a large family of eleven, mostly girls. Greg farmed in the Wesley area. After the deaths of his parents he purchased their farm in St. Benedict, living there until his own death in 1947. This farm is now owned by his granddaughter. Gregory and Mary's family group chart.

09.  Margaret, b.28 Nov 1862, d.29 May 1949. She married Frank Immerfall 19 jan 1884 in Iowa. They moved to the Avon, Minnesota area about 1890. While living in this small village several miles west of St. Cloud they had two children of their own. Showing great love and charity they also made a home and family for three children adopted off the orphan trains. Margaret and Frank's family group chart.

10.  Marcus Franciscus, (Frank Mark) b.25 April 1866, d.9 Feb 1950. Married Francisca Schumacher 22 Jan 1889 in St. Benedict, Iowa area. They had seven sons and one daughter. Frank farmed his fathers land for a short time and then moved his own family to east end Saskatchewan, Canada. Frank was well known around St. Benedict, Algona and Wesley, for his fiddle playing. In Canada he farmed a large plot of prairie land. Frank died in 1950 at Whitewood, Canada. Frank and Francisca's family group chart.