1872 Joseph & Catherine marry

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Joseph Studer married Catherine Hoffer, January 2, 1872. They both spoke German and their first child (William) was born that same year. William did not survive a year of life, dying in 1873. William was one of two children whose lives were short, there was also Matilda, born 1882 and dying 1886.

A few years after their marriage (we are unclear how many) Joseph and Catherine moved to Harden county, Iowa. Three years after moving to Harden county they moved (along with the rest of their families) to the Wesley/St. Benedict area of Iowa. Joseph worked a farm just north of Wesley. While living on this farm he and Catherine had five more children.

Their nine progeny who would reach adulthood included:
Mary, Edward, William (named for his deceased older brother), George, Joseph A., Albert, Eugene, Leo and Lydia.

Joseph Studer, as well as farming, also became a land agent. He dealt in farm properties in several states and bought several houses for rental purposes. Some of his deals were made in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area. St. Cloud was a picturesque community on the Mississippi River about seventy miles northwest of Minneapolis. This area was very appealing to the land broker and ultimately Joseph decided to move his family there.

Joseph (as remembered by his grandsons Richard, Larry and Vincent) liked to take an elixir called Alpenkrauter, a German tonic made from the "flowers of the mountain". Joseph also took Bliss, a native (German) herbal tablet. Not only did he take Bliss, he also sold it to his friends and relatives.

His grandsons remember Joseph as a jolly, heavy set person who sang German lullabye's and carried on the Swiss tradition of yodeling.

Joseph's wife Catherine was considered a very stern and strict women, but she is remembered fondly for her excellent German style cooking. Read her obituary here --link--

NOTES About Joseph Studer
BIRTH: Transcribed from the records of St. Agatha Church, St. Agatha, Ontario. Born 7 Jul 1850. Baptized 7 Jul 1850 by Father Caveng. Sponsors, Nicholaus Dietrich and his wife Frances. Birth data obtained from State of MN, Division of Vital Statistics - Certificate of Death for Joseph Studer, number 13921.

BIOGRAPHY: taken from, History of Franklin Cerro Gordo Co. IA, 1883. "Joseph Studer came in 1873. He is a native of Waterlooshire, CAN, where Amandus and Francis (Bolinger) Studer had 10 children, of whom Joseph is 2nd in order of birth. When he was 17 years old, he was determined to exchange his home in the Dominion for one in the United States and accordingly went to IL where he stayed 4 years, coming thence to Eldera, IA and 2 years later to Franklin, Co. where he located in 1873. He was married Jan 2, 1872 to Catharine Hoffer. They are the parents of 6 children: Edward, Mary, William, George, Joseph and Matilda. Mr. Studer is a democrat and the family are communicants of the Catholic Church." Marriage: married 2 or 21 Jan 1872?

BIOGRAPHY: Taken from IA Census, 1900. Vol. 43, Ed. 143, Sheet 1 Line 25. "Studer Joseph, white, (born) July 1850; 49 yrs. old, Canada German Na. Kossuth Co., Wesley, Township. Studer Catherine, wife, (born) May 1850; 50 yrs. old, Canada German N.R. William, son b.Dec 1872; 27 yrs. old, IL (died 16 Nov 1873). Mary, daughter b.May 1874; 26 27 yrs. old, IA. Edward, son b.July 1875; 24 yrs. old, IA. Jacob, son b.Sept 1877; 22 yrs. old, IA. George, son b.Apr 1879; 21 yrs. old, IA. Joseph, son b.Feb 1881; 19 yrs. old, IA. Albert, son b.May 1884; 16 yrs. old, IA. Matilda, dau b.July 1882; deceased. Eugene, son b.Nov 1886; 13 yrs. old, IA. Leo, son b.May 1889; 11 yrs. old, IA. Ludwina, dau b.Mar 1891; 9 yrs. old, IA."

DEATH: Death and Burial data obtained from State of MN, Division of Vital Statistics - Certificate of Death for Joseph Studer, number 13921.  At some point in time, after Catherine died, Joseph lived with Lydia and Andrew Engels.

DEATH: newspaper obituary --link--