1872-1891 Joseph & Catherine's children

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Excerpts from the lives of Joseph and Catherine's eleven children.

William.  The first child born to Joseph and Catherine on December 8, 1872, died October 16, 1873 from an unknown childhood disease. It is believed that Joseph and Catherine still lived on a farm near Eldora, Iowa at this time.

Mary Ida.  Born May 16, 1874 either at Eldora or Ackley, Iowa. As a young girl she moved with her family to Wesley, Iowa. There she married Edward Huber. They remained in the area and had twelve children. Elmer, Louis, Aurelia, Roy, Madlene, Irvin, Elenore, Vernon, Minnie Marie, Fay and James. Mary's husband Edward assisted by his older sons, operated a steam threshing machine. They did this for many years. At some point in history Ed and Mary moved their family to Princeton, Wisconsin. All of their children made the move except Louis. To date, several members of this family still reside in Princeton. Mary died of cancer at the age of 52. Several of her children also died of cancer. Mary is buried in Calvery Cemetery in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Edward died in 1931 at the age of 53.

Edward J.  Ed was born July 16, 1875 in Ackley, Iowa. He attended Catholic school in Wesley, Iowa. Ed married Clara Lease and they farmed near Corwith, Iowa. It was in Corwith that their three boys were born: Maurice, Vernon and Wilbur. Besides farming, Ed was (for awhile) a butcher. Ed died in April of 1962 in Algona, Iowa. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Wesley, Iowa.

Wilhelm Jacob.  Will was born September of 1877. Will was named after their first son who had died as an infant. As a young boy he attended Catholic school. Will married a young teacher named Mary Margaret Keating, on April 18, 1899. Will worked as a teamster while in Wesley. About 1900 they moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota. Mary died shortly after their first child Marie, was born. Mary Margaret is buried in Wesley, Iowa. Marie was raised by her grandparents, Joseph and Catherine in St. Cloud. Marie married Willmer DesMarais and raised a large family. In 1904 Will married again. He married Laura Severt and they had three sons: Raymond F., Alfred and Irvin. Will worked as a streetcar conductor and operator for the Whitney Electric Company. He also operated a fuel delivery truck for N.W. Oil Co. Will died in 1924. After his death, Laura remarried Matt Goedert.

George Nicholas.  Born April 22, 1879 in Ackley, Iowa. He also made the move with the family to Wesley, Iowa. In 1900 George came to a farm in Haven Township, St. Cloud Minnesota. George married Marion Hibbard. They stayed in Haven Township and there had two children. Their first child George Howard was born November 13, 1902. Another son Henry Albert (Harry) was born June 10, 1905. George and Marion moved to a farm near Rockville, Minnesota. There they had two more children, Margaret and Hubert. George was a farmer most of his life. After selling his farm he retired to live in Minneapolis. There he died August 7, 1957. As of 1992 all of George and Marions children have died. Hubert died quite young, Margaret died next and Harry died in 1990 at age 85. George Howard died in San Diego, California on March 17, 1992 at the age of 89.

Joseph Alexander.  Born February 28, 1881. Click here for detailed information.

Matilda Caroline. Born in 1882 in Ackley, Iowa. The second daughter of Joseph and Catherine. Matilda died very young of an undefined childhood disease in 1886. Although rumor has it that her young death was brought on when she was given an incorrect medication by the family doctor. Matilda is buried in Wesley, Iowa.

Albert G.  Born in 1884. Albert was 16 years old when he moved with his family to the farm in Haven Township. Albert married Elizabeth Bechtold and they had five children: Walter Eugene, Julian, Jerome, Delores, and Marcelline. Albert operated a dray line in Foreston, Minnesota. It was located several miles East of St. Cloud. For many years he used a team of horses and a wagon to transport his merchandise. Later a small truck was purchased and used. Albert died May 20, 1948 at the age of 64. His wife Liz, lived into her nineties.

Eugene Michael.  Born November 22, 1886. Gene married Mabel McGee in St. Cloud. They had seven children: Virginia, Jean, Constance (Connie) Collette, John, Leon and William (who died as a young boy). Gene was a farmer for a short period of time, living at Rice and Little Falls, Minnesota. But most of his working years were spent as an agent for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Gene died April 12, 1945 at the age of 59. Mabel moved to Seattle, Washington, so she could be close to her daughters. Both Gene and Mable are buried in St. Cloud.

Leo C.  Born May 24, 1889. He was eleven when the family made its move to Minnesota. Leo married Winifredia Kelley and they had nine children: Geneva, Josphine, Richard, Lodema, Sidney, Amos, Arleda, Roger and Arvilla. Leo was a farmer most of his working years. The farm was located at St. Wendel, Minnesota. Winnie died when the children were quite young. But Leo and children remained on the farm. During WWII Leo worked in Michigan for several years. After returning to St. Cloud he worked in manufacturing for a few years. Leo died at the age of 78, November 16, 1967.

Ludwina A.  Born in 1891. Lydia spent the majority of her years in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Lydia married Andrew Engels and they had three daughters: Driscilla, Mardell and Kathleen. Lydia was a mother and housewife. Andrew worked for the Ladner Hardware store all his working years. Lydia's father Joseph, lived with Lydia and Andrew for several years. Lydia died at the age of 84 on July 18, 1975.