1850 Joseph Studer

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Joseph Studer was born in 1850. He was the second oldest child of Amandus Studer and Francisca Bollinger-Studer's eleven children. Nine of his eleven siblings would grow to be adults.

Little is known about Joseph's childhood years.

His adult years are constructed partially from this time line derived from excerpts from: History of Kossuth County, Iowa, Illustrated, Volume II of II, Chicago; The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1913 - Reed, Benjamin F., pages 164-168, regarding Nathan Studer.  And the, History of Franklin, Cerros Gordo Counties, Iowa, 1883.

1847 Joseph's parents emigrate to Canada, Waterloo county.
1850 Joseph is born. His family lives in Waterloo county until the fall of 1867 or 1869?
1867 or 1869? Joseph was moved with his family...
          to Stephenson Co., IL, settling near Freeport.
         Joseph apparently stayed with his family four more years.
1871 Joseph moves to Eldera, Iowa?
1872 January 2nd, Joseph married Catharine Hoffer, Lena, Illinois.
1873 Joseph and Catherine moved to Franklin, county, Iowa
1874 Joseph's parents (Amandus & Francsica) and moved to Ackley, Iowa.
1883 Joseph's parents (and younger children) move to Kossuth Co...
          settling on the site, where the city of St. Benedict is now located.