1776 Sebastian Studer & family

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Sébastian's parents were Joannes Antonius Studer and Maria Anna Negelin.
Children of Joannes and Maria, by order of birth are: 1) Henricus Antonius Stutter, 2) Barbara Stutter, 3) Joannes Georgius Stutter, 4) Josephus Antonius Studter, 5) Sébastianus Stutter, 6) Anna Maria Stutter, 7) Anna Maria Theresia Stutter.

5) Sébastianus Stutter (Sébastian Studer)
Born 8 Nov 1776 in Oberbruck, (Sewen parish) Alsace, France. Birth record, transcribed from film 764,347 Oberbruck:  The year 1776, the 8th day of November. I Ignatius Lothringer of the parish of Sewen baptized the infant the same day as born of legitimate parents Antonius Studer and Maria Anna Negelen of this here parish of Oberbruck, citizens of same. [next part is confusing]--Naming Sébastian, godparent was Sébastian Stutter son of Antoni, of the parish of Ermelspack [this is a first cousin of the father Anthony, as his father Anthony is an uncle he was named for also, and brother of Peter Studer, father of Anthony, Sébastian's father?]-- This Sébastian was born 1755. Other witness Anastasia daughter of a Joseph deceased of Oberbruck, father and witness signs and godmother signs with an X after saying she can't write.

Died 7 Sep 1841 in Oberbruck, Haut Rhin, France. Death record, transcribed from film 716,964 Oberbruck civil reg.: The year 1841, the 7th of September at 10am., appeared Sebastian Studer, shoemaker age 41 years (this is Sebastian's first son by his first marriage) born 1800 (Sebastian's birth records are in German script) and -----?? blacksmith age 33 years, both living in Oberbruck, declaring that today at 8am., Sebastian Studer, shoemaker age 66 years, husband of Anne Marie Fritz, age 59 years, died at his home. 

Marriage #1: Anne Marie Ringenbach, married 9 June 1800, in Oberbruck. Anne Marie was born 24 Feb 1775 Oberbruck, (Sewen parish) died 30 March 1811, likely due to child birthing complications. Her parents were Johann Henri Ringenbach and Anna Maria Bindler.

CHILDREN of Sebastian and Anne Marie Ringenbach:
01.  Sebastian Jr., b.28 April 1800, Oberbruck, d.(????) 
02.  Jean George, b.8 Nov 1801, Oberbruck, d.(????)   married Marie Odile Huftschmidt 11 Feb 1834. 
03.  Joseph Antoine, b.6 Nov 1802, Oberbruck, d.(????)   married Jeanne Josephine Jordy 13 July 1829. 
04.  Nicolaus (Nicolas?), b.26 Dec 1803, Oberbruck, d.(????)   married Marie Anne Ehret 22 Nov 1838. 
         Nicolaus and Marie had seven children. 
05.  Anne Marie Françoise, b.30 April 1805, Oberbruck, d.(????)  had three children. 
06.  Jean Xavier, b.3 April 1807, Oberbruck, d.(????)   married Emilie Steger 19 Feb 1833. 
07.  Émile, b.12 Nov 1808, Oberbruck, d.(????)  married Madalene Bindler 13 Nov 1835. 
         Émile and Madalene had three children. 
08.  Florine, b.15 Feb 1810, Oberbruck, d.24 Feb 1810. 
09.  Hélène, b.14 Feb 1811, Oberbruck, d.22 Feb 1811.

Marriage #2: Anne Marie Fritz, married 18 Nov 1813, in Oberbruck. Anne Marie was born 28 July 1781 in Oberbruck, (Sewen parish) died 30 June 1852, in Oberbruck, Alsace, France. Her parents were Joannes Jacobus (Jacob) Fritz and (Maria) Francisca Marchand.

CHILDREN of Sebastian and Anne Marie Fritz:
01.  Isabelle, b.7 Oct 1812, Oberbruck, d.----
02.  Florine, b.31 March 1814, Oberbruck, d.11 Feb 1854.   married Emanuel Klinger 14 Nov 1849.
03.  Aimé (Amandus) b.5 Nov 1815, d.8 July 1904. Married Francisca Bollinger 11 Sept 1843.
04.  Catherine, b.13 June 1819, Oberbruck, d.7 Feb 1819.
05.  Catherine, b.24 Nov 1819, Oberbruck, d.----  (born same year, but different month??)
06.  Hélène, b.23 Jan 1822, Oberbruck, d.30 Jan 1822.
07.  Thérèse, b.8 March 1823, Oberbruck, d.12 March 1893.  became Soeur (sister) Césarée.
08.  Augustin, b.14 Aug 1825, Oberbruck, d.----   married Therese Kessler 8 Nov 1825.