1600-1700's Sebastian Studer's ancestors

This paternal lineage descends from Jacobus Studer to Sebastian Studer (circa 1600's to mid-1800's). Active links for Sebastian Stutter/Studer's ancestors will take you to Robert Behra's data online. There you can search for individual names and view their respective descendancy, register, pedigree and ahnentafel charts. Remember, in some instances the surname Studer is spelled: Stutter. KEY: b= born, ch=christened, d=died/death date.

The individuals listed below (plus their families) can also be found on FamilySearch.org (account required). Minor details might vary according to who added the individuals/records to the FamilySearch website. Differences include spelling of names, dates may be different by one or two years.

(Joannes) Jacobus Studer, Sr.  b.(date?), d.Nov. 1629 in Rimbach, Alsace, France.
Wife: Jacobe Erhart, b.(date?), d.9 Nov 1623.
-- Children: Ursula, Jacobus, and Margaretha.

(Joannes) Jacobus Studer.  Jacob, ch.19 Feb 1602, d.28 Dec 1678 in Rimbach, Alsace, France.
Jacob had three wives.
Wife number one:  Elisabetha Bingler, b.(date?), d.Oct. 1635. Married 22 Nov 1626. (4 children)
Wife number two:  Agnes Behra, b.(date?), d.8 Mar 1647. Married 2 Nov 1636. (5 children)
Wife number three:  Anna Luttenschlager, b.(date?), d.26 Dec 1678. Married 13 Jun 1647.
-- Four children: Nicolaus (1), Andreas, Barbara, and Joannes Casparus.

1) Nicolaus Studer.  ch.4 Jun 1650, d.6 Nov 1690 in Rimbach, Alsace, France.
Wife: Anna Zimmerman, ch.7 Nov 1656, d.25 Nov 1722. Married 3 Feb 1682.
-- Children: Joannes Jacobus (2), Joannes, Anna Maria, and Susanna.

2) Joannes Jacobus Studer.  ch.7 Jan 1683, d.20 May 1731,
in Rimbach or Ermensbach, Alsace, France.
Wife: Maria Agatha Behra, ch.20 May 1681, d.12 Mar 1751. Married 25 May 1705.
-- Children: Maria Agatha, Anna Maria, Maria Catharina, Joannes Antonius, Joannes Petrus (3), Joannes Jacobus, Joannes Mathias, and Maria Anna.

3) Joannes Petrus Studer.  ch.19 Dec 1715, d.23 Jan 1819,
in Kirchberg or Ermensbach, Alsace, France.
Wife: Maria Catharina Weiss, ch.15 Jan 1707, d.19 Mar 1758. Married 10 April 1741.
-- Children: Maria Catharina, Joannes Antonius, Franciscus Petrus, Joannes Antonius (4), Joannes Theobaldus, and Maria Agatha.

4) Joannes Antonius Studer.   ch.2 Jan 1749, d.12 Dec 1800 in Oberbruck, Alsace, France.
Wife: Maria Anna Negelin, ch.15 Sep 1736, d.26 Jun 1805. Married 29 Jan 1770.
-- Children: Henricus Antonius Stutter, Barbara Stutter, Joannes Georgius Stutter, Josephus Antonius Studter, Sebastianus Stutter (5), Anna Maria Stutter, Anna Maria Theresia Stutter. (notice spelling of surnames.)

5) Sebastianus Stutter/Studer.   ch.8 Nov 1776, d.7 Sep 1841 in Oberbruck, Alsace, France.
Sébastian had two wives.
Wife 1) Anna Maria Ringenbach, b.24 Feb 1775, d.28 Mar 1811. Married 9 Jun 1800. (9 children).
Wife 2) Anna Marie Fritz, b.28 July 1781 d.30 Jun 1852. Married 18 Oct 1813.
-- Seven children: Florine, Aimé (Amandus), Catherine, Catherine, Hélène, Thérèse, Augustin.