1591 the Studer name

The Studer name found in French documents dated circa 1591

The Roman Catholic Church of Sewen (the oldest church in the parish) served the small villages of Oberbruck, Dollern, Rimbach, Ermansbach, Kirchberg and Wegsheid. These villages are located at the very end of the Doller valley.

These Alsatian towns are located close to each other, within walking distance, and nearly every one of them has (or had) a textile mill. This area has survived wars involving France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Russia. At one time it was the textile center of West Central Europe as well as home, to a large foundry and steel mill.

This area was also home to numerous families of Studer's. Documents found at Sewen parish include baptismal, nuptial and funeral records, these are among the oldest in the valley. These records indicate that the surname Studer first appeared (or possibly recorded) in the Doller valley in 1591. The "first" Studer given names to appear in these records were, Joannes Sr., Joannes Jr., and Jacobus, who was the son of Joannes Jr. From these families and their progeny the Studer name and blood line spread throughout the valley and beyond.

The Studer's of the Doller valley had large families. Of these families one in particular stands out, Joannes Antonius Studer and his bride Maria Anna Negelin. Joannes was a cobbler in the village of Oberbruck. One of his sons was named Sebastianius. Sebastianius was raised and educated in the little village. As a young man he joined his father in the business of shoemaking.