1815 Amandus (Aime) Studer

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Amandus Studer's parents were Sebastian Studer and Anna Maria (or Marie) Fritz. They had five children:  1) Florine. 2) Amandus 'Aimé'. 3) Catherine. 4) Therese. 5) Augustin.

2) Amandus Studer. Born 5 Nov 1815 in Oberbruck, Alsace, France.  Birth record information, as transcribed from French: film G.S. 716, 964 Oberbruck. The father and witnesses sign the act after being read or given the interpretation in German.

In the year 1815, the 6th of November at 9am., in front of us Martin Steger, mayor and vital statistics officer of the village of Oberbruck, Canton of Masevaux, department of Haut Rhin, appeared Sebastian Studer, shoemaker age of 39 years, living in Oberbruck, to present to us that a child of the masculine sex, was born yesterday at six in the morning, to himself and Anne Marie Fritz his wife, and both, he declares, wish to give the first name of Aimé. The said declaration and presentation given in the presence of George Ringenbach, 42 years, and Simon Ehret also shoemaker, age of 39 years, the two living in Oberbruck.

Amandus married Francoise Bollinger on 11 Sept 1843 in Oberbruck Alsace, France. Francoise born 9 July 1821 in Obersultsbach (now called Soppe-le-haut) Alsace, France, died 30 Jan 1908 in Wesley, Iowa, USA. Buried 1 Feb 1908, in St. Benedict cemetary. Read newspaper obituary!  Her parents were Georgius Bollinger and Thérèse Dietrich.

Amandus and Francoise/Francisca Studer decided to emigrate to Canada sometime in 1847.  A passport to leave France dated 9 April 1847 was granted to Aimé Studer, his wife, and his sister-in-law, destination New Orleans. They arrived in Canada in 1847, settling in the German community of St. Agatha in Wilmot township, Upper Canada. This same area is now known as Waterloo county, Ontario., They later moved to St. Benedict, IA. Close relatives who immigrated at the same time: Appolinaire JENN and Joseph SEILLER, second and third cousins of Aimé Studer. Passport information to leave France during the period 1837-1857 comes from registers of "passeports à l'étranger" in the Archives départementales du Haut-Rhin, série 1 M 277-281 (FHL microfilm no. 1069294). -- Places mentioned are all in the département du Haut-Rhin unless otherwise indicated. Rimbach refers to Rimbach-près-Masevaux (not Rimbach-près-Guebwiller).


Amandus and Francisca
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Amandus died 8 July 1904 in Kossuth County, Wesley, Iowa, USA. He was buried 10 July 1904, in the St. Benedict Parish Cemetery. Read newspaper obituary!

BIOGRAPHY: Excerpt from, History of Kossuth County, Iowa, Illustrated, Volume II of II, Chicago; The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1913 - Reed, Benjamin F., pages 164-167 regarding Nathan Studer. "Amandus and Francesca (Bolinger) Studer, both of whom were natives of Alsace-Lorraine, France, the province which ceded to Germany in 1871. In that country they celebrated their marriage. Shortly after their wedding they emigrated to Canada, settling in Waterloo county., where they continued to live until the fall of 1869. The father then moved with his family to Stephenson Co., IL, settling near Freeport. In 1874 they moved to Ackley, Iowa, where they continued to live until 1883. He then moved to Kossuth Co. and located on the site, on which the city of St. Benedict is now located. He later retired from active farm life and established his home in Wesley and there lived until the close of his life; which occured July 8, 1905. He was a shoemaker by trade and followed that business in his native country and also in Canada. On his move to the United States he was there-after engaged in farming during his active life. For several years he served in the French Army under King Louis Philippe and during his life as a solider he was engaged in one of the French wars. The mother died at St. Benedict; Jan. 29, 1909. They both were loyal members of the Catholic church and their burial took place in the cemetery at St. Benedict, IA. To Mr. and Mrs. Studer ten children were born: August, who lives in Pocahontas Co., IA; Joseph, who makes his home at St. Cloud, MN; Nathan; Theresa, the wife of George Spangler, of Wesley; Mary, who is the widow of Peter Paul, of Lena, IL; Nicholas deceased; Amandus A. of Wesley, IA; Gregory, who resides at St. Benedict, IA; Margaret, who became the wife of Frank Immerfall, of Stearns Co., MN; and Frank who's home is Saskatchewan, CAN."