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1776 Sebastian Studer & family
1815 Amandus (Aime) Studer
1815 Amandus Studer birth certificate
1823 Sister Césarée
1843 Amandus & Francisca marriage
1847 Amandus & Francisca emigrate to Canada
1848-1866 Amandus & Francisca's children
1850 Joseph Studer
1868 Amandus & Francisca emigrate to America
1872 Joseph & Catherine marriage
1900 Joseph & Catherine move to Minnesota
1904 Amandus Studer, Sr obituary
1908 Francisca (Bollinger) Studer obituary
1915 Catherine (Hoffer) Studer obituary
1920's Joseph Alexander Studer
1931 Joseph Studer obituary