Ancestors & Descendants of Sebastian Studer/Stutter

Information on this website spans hundreds of years and includes Europe, Canada and the United States of America. Featured areas are the regions of Doller valley located in the Alsace region of France, Haut-Rhin. -- St. Agatha in Wilmot township, Upper Canada, now known as Waterloo county, Ontario. Wesley, Iowa, USA, and St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA. -- The root individual is Sebastian Studer/Stutter who was born 8 Nov 1776 in Oberbruck, 'Sewen parish' Alsace, France.

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My Studer family database does NOT contain DNA details.

The individuals listed on this site can also be found on (account required). Minor details might vary according to who added the individuals/records to the FamilySearch website. Differences include spelling of names, dates may be different by one or two years.

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