GEDCOM: definition

A GEDCOM file contains information on a family in a specific format. Generally a GEDCOM file is produced by entering information/data into a genealogical database program/application and then outputing the results as the GEDCOM format. Most software apps will import (open and read) and export (compile and create) GEDCOM formated data.

An exported GEDCOM file allows the exchange of information from one genealogical software program (application) to another software program and generally has the file extenstion .ged (example MyFamilyData.ged).

The GEDCOM file format consists of three parts:

1) a number, indicating connection to other lines (of data)
2) a tag, identifying the information on the line
3) the information itself

Additional details:
-- defining a GEDCOM (wiki)
-- defining a GEDCOM (ngs) 
Genealogical Data Communication (method of transferring genealogy files from one software program to another)


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